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Ideal Qualities of a Registered Nurse

A registered nurse plays a vital role in the delivery of medical care to patients. They are usually tasked with monitoring the patient as they recover. This can include checking vital signs and administering medication. Register nurses underwent the necessary education and training to be skilled to do these tasks. But more than these technical skills, here are other ideal qualities that a nurse should possess:
  • Compassionate and Empathetic
    A patient who is confined in a hospital or nursing home is in a vulnerable state. They might be irritable because of pain or discomfort. Having compassion and empathy lengthens our patience with patients.
  • Advocates for the Patient’s Health
    Our staffing agency in Alabama is looking for nurses who are passionate about helping their patients recover or improve their health. As they are the ones who monitor the patient’s condition, they are in the best position to know how to help the patient.
  • Communicates Effectively
    Working in the health care industry means understanding and talking with many people, including patients and their families. A registered nurse should be able to effectively convey the matters that concern the patient’s health.
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